Prescriptions Medifacials

We offer Prescription / Treatment MediFacials to solve your skin concerns and help you de-stress and de-toxify. We recommend a series of at least 6 Treatment MediFacials to achieve results.

Maintenance Medifacials

For Dull, Rough, Sun Damaged skin, Smokers, Dry, Irritated, Dehydrated skin, Exposure to constant Air Conditioning & Humidity, Sun Burnt, Sensitised skin, Shaving Rash.

Teen Medifacials

In adolescent years, due to hormonal changes teens typically have various skin issues that could be a big blow to their self image. Our Teen MediFacials are specially designed for blossoming young adults

Quick Glow Medifacials

QuickGlow MediFacials are perfect pre-event treatments that give you an instant glow while rejuvenating the skin.

Body Therapy

Skin is the biggest organ of our body. We believe that one needs to pay as much attention to the skin on the body as the skin on face & décolleté.


Ideal with any MediFacial, these customised Add-On treatments are designed for clients who need extra attention to address a particular concern.

Pregnancy Medifacials

Pigmentation during pregnancy is commonly known as pregnancy mask. There are chances that it can become deeper & darker if not taken proper care during pregnancy.

Bride and Groom Packages

At Kosmoderma we know how much planning is needed to look your best effortlessly, so we have designed a few programs for brides, grooms and their families.